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RETRIEVAL and PRESERVATION of the Garifuna Culture. Teaching the HISTORY to secure our FUTURE

The Battle of the Drums Initiative was conceptualized in October 2006. Its main objective is to revive and promote various aspects of the Garifuna culture. Garifuna drumming, singing, dance, and food are just some of the key areas of focus in helping to keep the culture alive. In 2012, the Initiative was consolidated under a non-profit company named, Battle of the Drums. The initiative’s major focus has evolved into the promotion of Garifuna Cultural preservation as well as Cultural tourism. Battle of Drums has now become synonymous with the Garifuna Culture and has continued to promote everything GARIFUNA!

“Mintu Weyama badia”

Pumpkin does not bear watermelon

What we put in is what we get out. We need to bring back our culture's traditional values to pass them on to our children and children's children.

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